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Long Shot Sport Fishing Striped Bass, Fluke, Blues, Weaks, & Winter Flounder Striped Bass, Fluke, Blues, Weaks, & Winter Flounder
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Welcome Aboard the Long Shot

Captain Chris Bauer and the crew of the Long Shot would like to Welcome you aboard and join them in the "Magic" of the early morning fishing trip. The scent of the 6am pot of coffee brewing in the wheelhouse mixes with the sweet sea air and diesel fuel as the Long Shot comes to life. Squawking seagulls soaring above gently combine with classical music in the background, setting the tone for a magical day of fishing with the crew of The Longshot.

Welcome Aboard


Bumpy Seas and 25-knot winds were no deterrent to some good fishing for a trio of anglers aboard the charter boat LONGSHOT. Captain and crew fished with Rusty McKay, Tim Kirsch and Grumpy "The Tattoo Guy" who trolled shad rigs with squid spoon trailers fished between the 4 and 6 Cans in the Sandy Hook Channel for a good catch of mixed size bass and blues. The captain said the boat will be in the water for a couple of more weeks and has some dates open for late season striper fishing.



LONG SHOT CHARTERS Capt. Chris Bauer called us on Sunday with news of his crew's second place finish in the Hi-Mar Striper Tournament. Crewed by John Holst, along with Richard Schoenwalder and Mike Kostuk, Long Shot had a 38-inch, 19.2 pound striper brought in on Saturday morning, fishing from Friday into Saturday. After being shut out on Saturday night due to weather, they left at 9 a.m. in first place for a period of time after bringing in a 36-inch fish weighing just under 15 pounds. When a bigger fish came in on Sunday, Long Shot ultimately finished second. The bigger fish came on clams at Flynn's Knoll. They also caught three slots at Norton's Point. Altogether, they fished Rockaway, West Bank, Romer, Flynns and the point. Though conditions were less than ideal, with half a gale from Friday to Saturday, the captain and crew worked hard for their fish. The Captain said John Holst caught both of the bigger fish. "He's got fish blood in his veins," the skipper noted. The crew kept strong aboard the 32-foot BHM during their 12-hour shift by alternating winks in the bunk, staying by the heater and keeping the coffee pot going in the cabin, while always keeping bait in the water.


It's a pretty good bet that there will always be nasty weather during the annual Hi-Mar Striper Club Fall Fishing Tournament. This year was no exception. Tournament chairman Bob Kamienski said there was a small window Friday night when the wind did not blow and the rain did not come down in sheets. By 4 a.m. the wind was blowing and the point of Sandy Hook was "Victory at Sea" with waves breaking over the bows of boats braving the conditions. Second place went to Mark McColgan of Sea Bright on Long Shot with bass of 19.2 and 13.9 pounds from Flynns Knoll.

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Captain Chris Bauer

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